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Marketing Executive

Marketing Excutive is a key position at TS and reports directly to the CEO. The right candidate will be entrusted with developing marketing plans and budgets, developing and managing relationships with marketing vendors, deploying new marketing programs and measuring results. Prepare to be busy - no dull moments here.

- Drive and convert traffic into sales opportunities.
- Work closely with the sales manager to identify opportunities for improvement.
- Prepare timely reports and suggest ways for improving results.

- Conduct research.
- Develop plans and budgets.
- Develop and maintain relationships with vendors.
- Analyze collateral for quality.
- Deploy and manage marketing programs for TS and select clients.
- Manage company's blog.
- Working knowledge of social media platforms and forums, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube and and others that are appropriate for B2B business.
- Analyze performance and report results.

- Strong knowledge of marketing fundamentals, strategies and tactics.
- At least 1+ years of marketing management experience preferably - but not necessarily - in a Web Development and/or IT and/or custom software development. Preference will be given to candidates with proven success track record in direct response and content marketing.
- Fundamental understanding of copywriting.
- Project management experience.

- While integrity, energy, and intelligence are absolute musts, our Marketing Manager must also be a creative problem-solver, an effective communicator and a strategic thinker.
- We value business acumen, strong time and project management skills, excellent presentation skills, flexibility, and empathy, and leadership qualities in our people.

Contact- Talent Acquisition Team at +91-120-4232555

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