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Inventory Management System


Project Description

An inventory control system is a process for managing and locating objects or materials. In common usage, the term may also refer to just the software components.

Inventory management software offers a complete set of inventory management, manufacturing, and purchasing capabilities that improves supply chain management and delivers an end-to-end procure-to-pay process.

  • Get complete real-time visibility into demand, supply, costs and fulfillment measures and trends.
  • Manage margins with a clear view into inventory costs, turn rates an inventory Profitability.
  • Eliminate manual inventory management processes and improve vendor satisfaction with a seamless procure-to-pay process.
  • Significantly improve your relationships with suppliers, vendors and partners by providing self service and real-time visibility.
  • Effectively and efficiently meet customer demand, helping drive and maintain superior customer service levels.
  • Purchase Module.
  • Sales Module.
  • AInventory Module.
  • Accounts Module.
  • Reports Module.
  • Admin Module.

Key Features

  • Detailed visibility into key inventory control and supply chain management measures, including inventory trends, stock on order, and supplier on-time performance.
  • Slash inventory costs by tightening control of stock levels while increasing operational efficiencies.
  • Increase product margins by effectively managing pricing based on different types of customers, channels and currencies.
  • Gain control over inventory replenishment and ensure that you have enough on hand to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum.
  • Extensive inventory management software features also include bin and lot management, landed cost, demand-based replenishment, customer and volume pricing, multi-location inventory, and more.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies throughout your organization with convenient online purchase order creation that allows you to replace paper-based forms and time-consuming manual processes.
  • Streamline requisition processes and improve collaboration with vendors by giving them self-serve access to key data and information, including inventory reordering points and transaction histories.
  • Track costs and eliminate errors by creating a complete business process flow through purchasing, receiving and account payables.
  • Calculate demand plans leveraging historical data or sales forecasts.
  • Model how expected sales and purchase orders affect future inventory levels.
  • Calculate supply plans and automatically generate purchase or work orders.
  • Customers Info.
  • Vendors Info.
  • Form Level User Security.
  • Encrypted Passwords.
  • Users Access Rights.
  • General Settings.
  • Help Manuals.

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